AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild plugin for WordPress

Plugin in action

Plugin in action

This WordPress plugin allows you to rebuild all thumbnails on your site. There are already some plugins available for this, but they have one thing in common: All thumbnails are rebuilt in a single step. This works fine when you don’t have that many photos on your site. When you have a lot of full-size photos, the script on the server side takes a long time to run. Unfortunately the time a script is allowed to run is limited, which sets an upper limit to the number of thumbnails you can regenerate. This number depends on the server configuration and the computing power your server has available. When you get over this limit, you won’t be able to rebuild your thumbnails. Why would you want to rebuild your thumbnails? WordPress allows you to change the size of thumbnails. This way, you can make the size of thumbnails fit the design of your website. When you change the size to fit for a new theme, all future photos you are going to upload will have this new size. Your old thumbnails won’t be resized. That’s where this plugin comes into action. After changing the image sizes, you can rebuild all thumbnails. But instead of telling the server to recreate all thumbnails at once, they are rebuilt one after another. Rebuilding thumbnails for one photo won’t take all too long, so you won’t run into any script timeouts. Note that you still have to wait until all thumbnails have been rebuilt. If you close the page before the task is completed, you have to start all over again. This plugin is now developed on Github. Feel free to fork and send pull requests. Download the plugin here.

For those of you who get an “Error 500″: You might want to try to raise the memory limit of PHP: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-ajax-thumbnail-rebuild-error-500-solution.Slovak translation provided by Branco Radenovich


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  • http://dinnyeosztaly.comlu.com Mouse22


    This is a great and very useful script!
    As wp files imported from server if not auto generate thumbnails then no way it does.
    So this is a working idea.

    In my case, i dont know why, the thumbnails do not appear while generating, and sometimes it stops.
    this is more than 900 pictures i want to re-thumble, so this is a hard lesson.

    Anyway it is a great plug but sometimes needs restart as i expected. Dunno why, just stops, not about script limit. it is random, after 201, after 74, after 360.
    Maybe there should be a resume option, but i can imagine it is hard to code..
    Or maybe a selection to regenerate based on Directories.

    Thankyou for your time and knowledge!
    Have a nice one!

  • http://andy.leap-family.com Andrew Leap

    Excellent plugin, regenerates all intermediate sizes as well as thumbnails, just what I needed.

  • Sara

    Thanks for making this, saved me a lot of trouble. worked like a charm. gracias

  • John

    Does this not work for recreating the thumbnails for galleries?

    I have one site where the galleries are just scaling down the full site images. These thumbnail plugins seemed to remove the path to the old thumbnails and not give a path to any newly generated ones?

    Logging into ftp doesn’t seem to show anything new in there either?

  • breiti

    @John: As far as I know, galleries should show images with the “thumbnail” size, not the original file. What sizes have you set for thumbnails under “Settings -> Media”? Do you have any plugins installed which change the behavior of the gallery?

  • John

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Originally it was 150. I switched to a cropped 170×95 when I changed my theme.

    The only plugins I have really that deal with images are Lightbox 2 and Administer. I disabled both and no change to the galleries.

    When I Right click my gallery image dimensions I see:
    1024px × 573px (scaled to 170px × 95px)

    Obviously this is hogging bandwidth. Your plugin at least pretends like its working, but I can not find the rebuilt images anywhere?

    P.S. You might consider the subscribe to comments plugin :)

  • John

    I’ll check that out. Maybe it something in the orginal theme I selected. It’s heavily modifed since then, so I’m kind of stuck with it.

    I see you added it :) I’ll subscribe so I can close this browser window finally.

    Thank you for your time!

  • breiti

    @John: I took a look at the wordpress code, and I couldn’t find anything that explains the behavior you describe. But I found a post in the forum on wordpress.org about a (different) plugin to rebuild thumbnails which experienced the same problem (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/223534). This plugin uses the same function to rebuild the thumbnails. It seems like the cause for this problem has been a configuration problem. The hints are a little vague, but I hope this is helpful for you.

    Regarding the subscribe to comments plugin: Great idea! :)

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  • Dian

    Simply Super plug-in!

    A true time-saver!

    Many many thanks to the author. Keep up the good work!

    PS. To ones having issues – be sure to increase your memory limit in root/wp-settings.php


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  • http://bgpictures.com Bryan Glynn

    AWESOME plugin thank you so much! I looked all over because I thought it HAD to be built in to WP somewhere! NOPE. Well I’ll bet this goes in the next version for sure – you nailed it!

  • http://Noneyet Pablo

    i was looking something like this, it worked like a charm in Worpress v2.9
    Thank you.

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  • http://www.li-an.fr/wpplugins/ Li-An

    your plugin works better than the others but I cannot finish the regeneration. It stops at 1500 images for 2100 images. Is there a way to generate the thumnails beginning with the ones what are not generated ?

  • breiti

    @Li-An: It’s not a perfect solution, but you could try to change the source code of the plugin for the second run. Changing the initialization of the ‘curr’ variable to 1500 in line 58 should leave the first 1500 images untouched.
    This is Java Script Code that runs in your browser, maybe changing to another browser could help too? Which browser are you using?

    • http://www.bemsul.com/ BemSul.com

      This plugin stop. But I used this sugestion (change the source code var curr = 0;) then it OK. Thanks a lot.

  • Carrie

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

  • http://blog.milandinic.com/ Milan

    Great plugin! Here are my suggestions for it:

    you should mention in documentation and on a first screen of a plugin that not just thumbnails, but medium and large sizes are regenerated too, and that old files are not deleted so any link that points to old file will continue to work; also that links that are hard coded in posts will not be replaced with new ones
    instead of /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php you should use admin_url('admin-ajax.php');
    you already wrapped most strings around gettext functions with proper textdomain but there are still left strings without it, especially in javascript code; also load_plugin_textdomain function is missing; I can help you with this if you want

    One question: will you be interested to “ajaxify” existing simmilar plugin since I belive you do know well to code with jQuery?

    (btw, you should install Subscribe to Comments plugin for easier tracking of replies on comments)

  • breiti

    @Milan: Thanks for your valuable inputs. Unfortunately I’m a little short on free time right now, so I can’t tell when I will find time to work on them. But that’s the beauty of open source: anyone can change it ;-)

    Regarding the subscribe to comments plugin: I’ve already installed it once, but when I had to move to another server it got lost on the way. I’ll look into this, but this might also take some time.

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  • http://www.reversephonezone.com/ Joe

    This is just what I was looking for after my thumbs all of a sudden stopped working.

    Thanks for creating this ;)

  • Paul

    Thank you so much, saved my day ! :-)

  • Michael

    worked like a charm!

  • http://www.imenn.com iMenn

    Thanks so much for this Great plug-in. I love it :)

  • Cairo

    The plugin is awesome but i’ve a problem when i press Regenerate all thumbnails the plugin stops at picture number 6 or 10 not specific number but it stops, although my photos are 271 :)

  • http://www.nicolas-juen.fr Nicolas

    I have made an improvement in your plugin but I don’t find any email address for sending you the changes ( not even in the plugin file ).
    Contact me again if you wanted to know the changes i made.

  • Amanda

    Thanks junkcoder and Nicolas, for this latest update! It sure helps to make things quicker on a site that has a lot of image uploads. :-)

  • Steven Ning

    Works just as described! This plugin should be included in WP by default. Thanks a bunch!

  • Michael

    Hi there

    I’m having trouble getting the plugin to recognize the proper image dimensions for three types of thumbnails specified in functions.php.

    In functions.php, the code reads:

    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );
    set_post_thumbnail_size( 190, 125, true ); // Homepage thumbs
    add_image_size( ‘wipebanner-feature-thumbnail’, 240, 125, true ); // Wipe Banner feature image thumbs
    add_image_size( ‘feature-sidebar-thumbnail’, 170, 80, true ); // Feature images in sidebar

    But when I go to regenerate thumbnails in the plugin, it tries to generate square thumbs, ignore the height attribute:

    post-thumbnail (width : 190, height : 190, crop : 1)
    wipebanner-feature-thumbnail (width : 240, height : 240, crop : 1)
    feature-sidebar-thumbnail (width : 170, height : 170, crop : 1)

    (The regeneration of post-thumbnail should be 190×125, not 190×190, as it’s trying to do.)

    Any suggestions?

  • Jeff

    Very useful plugin for regenerating thumbnails on an old site which has now updated to WordPress 3.0 – the old thumbnail format .thumbnail.jpg is no longer recognised!

    The only problem with the plugin is that occasionally it stalls in the middle of the process, however your reply http://software.breiti.cc/wordpress/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/#comment-21 was very helpful to start the process again where it had stopped by putting in the image number (minus 1). Maybe you could make it an explicit function of the plugin to do something like this?

  • Jeff

    I’ve discovered that the stalling is caused by images that have no postmeta data in the database (don’t know why this has happened) and for those images I’ve grabbed the guid from the attachment post. So I’ve added a line after line 172

    172 $fullsizepath = get_attached_file( $id );
    + if ($fullsizepath == '') $fullsizepath = get_post($attachment_ID)->guid;

    It works perfectly now. Maybe you could update the plugin with this?

  • breiti

    @Jeff: Are you sure this code gets ever called? $attachment_ID isn’t defined in this context…

  • Jeff

    I am also a bit mystified as to how I got that to work. The following is the code (inserted after line 172) that rebuilds the attached_file data if the postmeta data is missing for an attachment:

    if ($fullsizepath == 0) {
    $fullsizepath = get_the_guid($id);
    $uploadsdir = wp_upload_dir();
    $uploadsurl = $uploadsdir[url];
    $uploadspath = $uploadsdir[path];
    $fullsizepath = str_replace($uploadsurl, $uploadspath, $fullsizepath);

    Would be great if you could add this to the plugin.

    Obviously it won’t work if the blog has been moved since the file was uploaded – would need to do a search and replace on the database for the changed blog url to update it to the new one eg using Search and Replace plugin.

  • http://blog.merlinox.com Merlinox

    This plugin is really great but there’s a little (minor) bug on /wp-admin/tools.php?page=ajax-thumbnail-rebuild page. In the format list, width and height dimension are the same, but it’s wrong “thumbnail (width : 170, height : 170, crop : 1) “, but resize work is right.

  • breiti

    @Merlinox: This is already resolved in the latest version.

  • http://headtotoefashionart.com/ William

    A fabulous time saver. Works great on the site I am working on. Thank you. W

  • Leann

    Great plugin! Thank u very much

  • http://www.fuck-dance-lets-art.com TM

    Very good plugin,
    Simple, easy and minimal and most of all very very useful! Your plugin should be added to the default WP install. I was going to write something myself but yours just do the job right. Thanks for this plugin, it takes off one painful thing from redesigning a wordpress site.


  • http://www.lindsayblogs.com Lindsay

    Great plugin! I do, however, have one question – Whenever I attempt to rebuild all thumbnails, the process gets stuck at #25 of 514. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I have tried re-running the process, but it sticks at the same picture each and every time.


  • enrico

    Cool Plugin, thanks!

  • Diego Roriz

    Very useful!

  • http://X111.com XIII

    I think I have a bizarre bug with WordPress itself. If I use your plugin to regenerate only the thumbnails, then using the gallery function will show the correct thumbnails but when I click on them I get the full image instead of the large image. If I then regenerate the large images they show up correctly instead of the full image, but the gallery uses html to show the full images as thumbnails instead of using the proper thumbnail files.

    • http://X111.com XIII

      To further elaborate; after regenerating only the thumbnails, if I go to edit the post I can’t select the large images, only thumbnail or full, even though I’d previously regenerated the large images successfully.
      Now I’ve tried regenerating once more, this time selecting both thumbnail and large, and now everything works.

  • http://fotochuk.com Darcy

    Is there a way to call this program in php for a single post ID? I am using photoQ plugin for scheduled photo posts and for what ever reason it doesn’t create the custom theme thumbnails. I run this plugin manually when I can to correct. But it sure would be nice to have a way to run it for one post after publishing in some sort of automated way.

    • breiti

      It might be possible, but unfortunately I don’t know how…

  • http://www.onedigitallife.com paul

    Excellent plugin, thank you so much for creating it!
    In terms of XIII’s comment, I too noticed strange behavior if you choose to only rebuild one size (thumb, med, large). The sizes that were not rebuilt get replaced by the size that you did rebuild. If you leave all sizes selected then everything works as expected.

  • http://fuck-dance-lets-art.com TM


    Again very good plugin (should be built really). One thing that could be useful is a tick box option to make the plugin delete the ‘old’ images after generating the new one.


    • http://fuck-dance-lets-art.com TM

      ps: Sorry I meant ‘built in’

  • Mike

    There appears to be a bug where if you rebuild only one type of thumbnail, wordpress “forgets” that you have other thumbnails. Then anytime you try to include those other thumbnails, it includes the full size image instead. I am using wordpress 3.0.4 if it matters.

    Paul (Jan 22) seems to have the same issue.

    • Byron

      Hi Mike (and Paul) I have fixed this issue. For the developers…this line of code and array is the problem $metadata['sizes'][$size] = $resized;. It does not contain references to all thumbnail sizes, only the one that was recently resized. I simply added references to the other thumbnails as well (even though they were not resized) and voila, all is well in Camelot.

  • Sef

    Same problem here…. 3.0.4. Now I’ve lost Thumb Size and Large Size, after rebuilding Mediums only.

    Please fix this, it really defeats the solution….if by solving a problem it creates two others.

    Fortunately, unlike other poor souls, I don’t (yet) have gazillions of photos up’ed. I’m going to just using FTP again, and Plugin: Sync Media Library / Flash uploader. (which has it’s issues too.)

  • http://thisisdeliberate.co.uk Michael Bailey


    Firsly let me say “I love this plugin’. I’ve used it successfully on a number of occasions.

    For some reason though my latest attempt to use it is failing. Essentially the plugin goes through the motions but does not seem to do anything but create new postmeta records with a meta_key value of ‘_wp_attachment_metadata’ and a meta_value of ‘a:0:{}’.

    I’ve tried removing these ‘empty’ postmeta records and trying again. I’ve increased my memory limit to 64M. I’m at a loss..

    I’m using WordPress 3.0.4, I’ve turned all other plugins off..

    Any ideas any one?

  • http://thisisdeliberate.co.uk Michael Bailey

    So.. I figured out what’s up.. It’s a wordpress bug :(

    I changed the DB table prefix from ‘wp_’ to ‘clietname_’. This screws the whole thing up.

    When this plugin goes to try and find the corresponding postmeta record it called WordPress functions that assume the DB table prefix to be ‘wp_’, which they no longer are. The plugin then get’s an error response from WordPress and fails. Except it’s WordPress that is failing..

    Changing the DB table prefix back to ‘wp_’ fixes this particular issue.

  • http://tvovermind.zap2it.com Jon Lachonis

    Hi! Love your plugin! Having a few errors though. Here are the details.

    First, the pluin itself reported: Error 12152

    The error console is saying:

    Message: ‘list.length’ is null or not an object
    Line: 199
    Char: 7
    Code: 0
    URI: http://tvovermind.zap2it.com/wp-admin/tools.php?page=ajax-thumbnail-rebuild

  • http://www.stardel.com/fiveacres/ Elaine

    Thank you!

  • Dennis

    thank you for your great plugin. Saved me lot of time and work!

  • http://blo.klueverewb.de claas

    Wow – this is a great piece of work! …worked like a charm – WP 3.0.5

  • http://www.theemeraldcurtain.com Phillip

    Great plugin, nice job. I’m experiencing a problem that looks like ones mentioned above, but a workaround makes this a minor problem for me. Thought you might find the details useful:

    The *first* time I run the rebuild, all goes well. Some quick code added to a theme file correctly displays a post’s featured image in all sizes – thumbnail, medium, large, and my custom sizes.

    Yay, excitement ensues.

    The *second* time I run it, it appears to work. But when I view the same file as before on the front end, everything displays as the original image.

    My workaround is simple: I delete all the resized images (leave the originals) in the uploads directory, and then rerun the plugin. All is well again.

    I’m running this locally via XAMPP, and see the same problem on WP 3.0 and 3.1. My development site only has 3 images at the moment.


    I’m running WordPress 3.0. locally

  • Joel

    Is there any issues that you are aware of with PNG images causing the plugin to die?

    • breiti

      None that I’m aware of…

  • Edir

    It’s usefull, but could you implement an option to verify the database and just regenerate the images that really use the adicional image size I’ve set.

    In my project i got 534 images but only 2 where really needed to be regenerated, because it’s still in development. And even after that, only 200 images correspond to the image size I wanted to regenerate, the rest of the images in Media is from the blog and other parts of the website that doesn’t use the adicional image size I choose to regenerate. Now I got too many lost space because of this images that I will never use.

  • http://nybodyart.com/ Danny Michel

    Bravo good man! this is waaaaaaay better than that crappy one made by ViperBond(or whatever his name is)

  • http://heyyoudesign.com Adriano

    good job, but:

    why if I select only one option, the plugin deletes all other thumbnails crops?

    have you planned to release one with a feature “restore your previous thumbnails”?

    after half a day of cropping my little thumbnails, I have rebuilt all my large images…
    and the plugin deleted all my thumbnails cropped…

  • http://hetfairwheelpodium.com Emiliano

    Do you have any experience with this on Multi Site? I’ve used it one several individual sites but it’s locking up on the first (“Reading attachments…”) step on a multi site install.

    P.S. Great Plug-in!

    • breiti

      I’ve used this plugin on a multi site installation without problems. Maybe your server logs contain some useful hints on what’s happening?

      • http://hetfairwheelpodium.com Emiliano

        It might have just been too many images to generate. I had over 6,000…

    • Jakob

      I had the same problem, but after disabling W3 Total Cache it worked like a charm ;)

  • http://www.kition.net Phil

    first, thanks for writing this. as i’ve seen, there are heaps of people very happy about it.

    i’m trying it out right now, but as the last commentator mentioned, it just hangs at the first screen: “reading attachments”

    all in all in my page i have 10’000+ pictures

    do you know if it’s possible to work with that many pictures or will “reading attachments” itself cause a server time out and therefore cause the plugin not to work?

    thanks for your effort once again!

    best regards, phil

    • breiti

      Since this is implemented using JavaScript you might try using a different browser. I have no idea if this helps, but it might me worth a try…

    • Matt

      I’m having this issue as well, did you resolve it?

    • Matt

      and if so, how

  • http://www.iamimaginary.nl Dylan van der Heij

    Great plugin, would love to see a ‘select all’ and ‘de-select all’ button for the case when you have a lot of post thumbnails and don’t want to rebuilt them all

  • http://chrislaursen.com Chris Laursen

    script did exactly what I was looking for and recreated my images after changing my Media Settings. thanks!

  • http://nicolaiarocci.com Nicola

    When I regenerate the thumbs I get cropped images. However in the Media settings of my WP I have disabled the ‘crop thumbnails’ option. Am I missing something obvious?

  • minnie


    Thanks for your plugin, but I installed this to use for images within the site and it seems to have affected the carousel function for the images on the home page. I’d be grateful for your advice.

  • Laura

    Great plugin, it worked perfectly for me – thanks so much!

  • http://www.millerswebsite.co.uk David Miller

    Finally a plugin that regenerates the _wp_attachment_metadata. I keep having the 0×0 size error where WordPress does not generate any meta data for an image uploaded.

    This works like a charm sorting all those annoying 0×0 images out. I would like to suggest one thing though. Let the user do this on individual images, as doing an entire websites image db takes a long time especially if you are on a slow budget server or shared hosting!

  • http://digitalraindrops.net David

    Fantastic plugin :)

    One thing that I would like to see is a feature to set one image size as the featured image in any related post.

    Just an dropdown option to say this is the “featured image size” and a flag to say use the first image and another to replace existing.

    I am working on a magazine theme and want to use a content generator for testing, if I import a couple of hundred posts with images, there is no way of setting the Featured Image, without going to view edit for each post :(


  • http://adjectize.com Brad Leyten

    What a huge time saver! Thanks a million, this was exactly what I needed and it worked beautifully!!

  • Matt


    I just downloaded the plugin and I’ve been running it for the past hour and a half and it still says reading attachments. I only have 5000 photos, should it be taking so long just to read them?

  • http://www.olivergast.de Olli

    Easy to handle and so usefull. Thanks for this fantastic plugin.

  • Matt

    Any help with my issue?


  • Mike

    This plugin has truly been a lifesaver many times over- awesome work!

    I’m currently having a problem on one live site, however, containing about 400 images with the following image sizes:

    – thumbnail (width : 70, height : 70, crop : 1)
    – medium (width : 145, height : 145, crop : )
    – large (width : 320, height : 320, crop : )
    – home-slideshow (width : 700, height : 250, crop : 1)
    – store-featured (width : 190, height : 330, crop : 1)

    When running, the images are created correctly but it appears that the metadata is not being updated. The images, across the site, are displaying the original image size- apparently not recognizing that the new sizes exist.

    Any help or suggestions would be VERY much appreciated!


    • Nutrawee

      Hi Mike, I have the same issue.

      After spend about 4 hrs to solve this issue, I found that the cause of this issue is :
      - “smush it” plugin : it will cause “file size exceed 1 mb” error.
      - file & folder permission : if the plugin cannot overwite the existing file, new meta data will not be updated.

      Wish it will work for you too.

      • http://blog.beentheredunnthat.com Dave Dunn

        I’m not sure i understand what you mean by ‘smush it’ plugin… I’m having the same issue, however, where my images are being regenerated but are not being linked on my blog.

  • http://simeonpoulin.com Simeon Poulin

    I have to give props. This plugin just saved me and my team from having to manually re-size 1400+ thumbnails.
    I truly appreciate your efforts

  • zander

    feature suggestion – could we use this to resize the original – full size image. My clients are routinely uploading 5meg images and allowing wordpress to resize. If we could use this to resize the originals we’d save a lot of server space.


  • http://smrsimple.com Daniel

    Thank you, this was a very helpful plugin and does its good perfectly.

  • Leslie

    Many thanks for this plugin – saved my life! GOD bless! :)

  • Barry

    Great plugin, thanks for sharing!

  • Tourq

    For the life of me I can’t figure out how to operate this plugin. Is there a Settings or Menu button for it somewhere, because I can’t seem to find it.


  • Tourq

    Found it! – Tools – a place I have never ventured before…

  • http://twitter.com/_deni deni

    So essential it should come built into wordpress.

  • http://frysteen.com.au Sam

    This thing is brilliant…. can’t have a theme without this plugin. Thanks!

  • jole

    freakin’ mcAwesome. great for development. good times, good times, +1!

  • ddeconin

    I get an Error 500 whenever I try to run the rebuild thumbnails. How can I diagnose this ?

  • ddeconin

    I disabled smushit and extended the errorhandling of the plugin which gives me
    Error 500 function (){if(!d){var c=arguments,g,h,i,j,k;b&&(k=b,b=0);for(g=0,h=c.length;g
    but that does not get me much further….

  • ddeconin

    firebug shows that its
    that gives the error

  • sio

    I tried to press the regenerate thumbnails button, and the “reading attachment” indicator showed up. However, it stopped working from there, and I was not able to move on… …

    Between, I have just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, is there a compatibility issue? Thanks.

  • http://www.blendswap.com matthew

    Love the plugin but I have about 2100 images to regen, but the plugin stops around the 700 mark. I’m thinking this is because of PHP script execution time. Just looking for a confirmation.

    • breiti

      PHP script execution time shouldn’t be a problem because the script only rebuilds one image per call…

      • http://www.blendswap.com matthew

        Any ideas on why it might be failing to run through all the files then?

        • breiti

          Any hints in the server logs?

          • ddeconin

            I have no access to the server logs since it’s a shared server host. Is there a way to get details on where the ajax code is failing?

          • ddeconin

            I tried setting the numberposts in the code to 1 , but still I get the error 500. Is there a way to the ajax ?

        • Mike

          I am still having this problem myself. Any ideas?

  • http://www.blendswap.com matthew

    Premature end of script headers: php-wrapper.fcgi, referer: http://www.blendswap.com/wp-admin/tools.php?page=ajax-thumbnail-rebuild

  • http://www.paulzubrys.com/wordpress Paul Zubrys

    My post images use the following attributes: width=100% and height=Auto Is this the reason it doesn’t work for me?

  • http://github.com/pnomolos Phil

    I fixed the issue with AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild not allowing you to only regenerate specific thumbnail sizes and pushed them to github here https://github.com/pnomolos/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild

    If you have any other fixes feel free to fork and send a pull request. Hopefully breiti will pull the changes in to the official plugin :)

  • http://ultra-prod.com mike

    A must have tools ! Thanks a lot for it !

  • http://www.incorrect.nl Benjamin van Gogh

    Thanks a lot for this plugin. Really worked like charm!

  • http://member.my-addr.com/public_profile.php?id=QkZvQg== setaCreek

    I hope, it’s OK

  • wow

    your plugin just evaporated all of my images. i may have never been sadder than i am right now

  • wow

    Youre product is great! Dont let me or anyone else tell you otherwise

  • Matt

    On WP3.3 if you only resize certain sizes the other sizes (not resized) get phantomed and WP pulls the full size file when using wp_get_attachment_link. :/

  • http://www.gameplorer.de Dennis

    It happened to me, too. Rebuilding with unchecked sizes crashes the metadata of the attachment. It’s a mess to build a few thousand images multiple times. My poor server.

    @Phil: Your fix won’t work. Not every pic has the exact dimensions as specified in intermediate sizes.

  • Stefan

    Great Plugin! Keep up the good work!

    Is every featured image supported or only those in “standard” posts? Cause i got a lot of custom post types…

  • http://sabramedia.com Jonathan Wold

    Would you consider adding a “select all/deselect all” toggle to the interface? My typical behavior is to regenerate just one of the thumbnail types, rather than the whole set, and having to uncheck each size is a bit of a pain. Thank you for a great plugin!

  • http://www.sucasa-furniture.com Esther

    I have a question about the functionality of the WordPress gallery interacting with this plugin. So, I’ve been very happy with the plugin so far [see all the product images on the site - http://www.sucasa-furniture.com - BUT, when I try to use the media gallery in a page or a post, I am unable to use the "link thumbnails to: attachment page" option [see this page, and click on a thumbnail, for the error: http://sucasa-furniture.com/fabric-options/ ] Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a way that I can have the functionality for the media gallery thumbnails work as they’re supposed to – while still using this plugin for my post thumbnails?

  • SFC

    Having some problems with this plugin too. If I want to resize all image sizes, it works fine but if I select a single size, it’ll mess up the metadata for the other sizes. Not sure why.

  • http://www.quentin-ravinet.fr Quentin

    great plugin, very usefull when developing WP themes !

  • Tyler Hauser

    Amazing plugin! Thank you very much!

  • http://www.hi-files.com Ljuba

    Hi, I keep getting message that “No attachments found.”
    Where should files be located?

    I am migrating from my CMS to WP, and I guess problem lies there.

  • http://paulwaldo.com Paul

    Brilliant! I could select no media sizes other than the original and was getting frustrated until I found your plugin. It took less than 5 minutes to install and resize my images and then adding smaller medial worked fine! Thanks so much!

  • http://team6software.com Jason

    @Ljuba – I had the same issue, or so I think. Kept saying “No attachments found.” I commented out line 184 in wp-content/plugins/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild.php. I don’t know if its the theme I’m using or what, but it does not like the post_parent = null setting.

    $attachments =& get_children( array(
    ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’,
    ‘post_mime_type’ => ‘image’,
    ‘numberposts’ => -1,
    ‘post_status’ => null,
    //’post_parent’ => null, // any parent
    ‘output’ => ‘object’,
    ) );

    • http://norecipes.com Marc @ NoRecipes

      Thanks! I was having the same problem on WP 3.3.1 running the Thesis theme (v1.8.3). Your fix worked like a charm.

      To the creator of the plugin: I’ve been searching for something that does this and does break part-way through the process since I changed my theme almost 2 years ago. Thank you!!!

  • http://baniels@gmail.com Ben

    It was mentioned that this does not work for links that are hard-coded into posts. Can someone tell me what that means?

    This is an example of the code surrounding the images that I want to show up with a new width.

    If I resize thumbs to 650 width, will my older posts reflect the new size?

    • http://www.baniels.com Ben

      Whoops… here is the code:

      [a href="hxxp://www.[snip].com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/IMG_9994.jpg”></a]

    • breiti

      This means that this plugin only rebuilds the thumbnails and doesn’t change anything else. If you link to [...]/IMG_9995-647×820.jpg in a post, this link will not be changed and thus the post will still show the image you linked to.

      Code that refers to the images by size (e.g. Featured images,…) will use the new image, but direct links will not.

  • http://www.baniels.com Ben

    Okay – one last time. It keeps cutting out my code.

    See it at hxxp://baniels.com/misc/codesnip.jpg

  • Tariq Khattak

    Great plugin, thanks.

  • http://deskarati.com Jim

    Doesn’t work for me. Just get Error Code 505

  • http://treadswap.com eddie kim

    i gotta say… this plugin is AWESOME!

    THANK YOU! you saved me a TON of time!

  • Rick

    Incredibly strange issue here. Already have a current website. Developed a new theme on a development server, and regenerated 80×80 thumbnails just fine there. Also generated like 12 other sizes I didn’t need, so I didn’t want to transfer the folder from my theme to development server. Instead, I took the image directory from my current website and threw it on a different production server. Tried to remake the images like I did before (80×80, cropped) but it won’t resize and regenerate images or update metadata for images dated after May 2011.

    There is no error, and I see the picture fly by in the plugin in wp-admin, but it doesn’t actually do what its claiming to for those particular images. I would just grab all of the *-80×80.* images from my development server, but that doesn’t help the metadata, and I can’t grab that metadata and import it into my postsmeta table in the new production server because the IDs are unfortunately different on my original website and development server. Any ideas what might be causing this?

    • breiti

      No idea. Maybe an issue with file permissions?

  • http://realgamerspr.co.cc/ Tonity

    Hello all

    -I Buy a theme and i have a littler problem i need to re build to fix this nivo Images problem:


    -But when i UseR: AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild this is what Happend:


    ¿I Don’t Know Why?, AJAX Don’t Work for me :(

    -Can any one help me pliz.

    • http://realgamerspr.co.cc/ Tonity

      and i wait until say DONE but nothing :S

  • http://www.leblogdeletrange.com Reynald

    hi,i’ve test it but it doesn’t take my attached images as thumbnails ,i look in my sql and there are all there.
    with i look with firebug i like this:


    no file name is there.
    Any idea ?

  • http://www.fringedownload.com Maurizio

    Great plugin, thank you very much!!! Keep up your great work!

  • http://japantravelmate.com Deano

    Works great, love it. Never used thumbnails before but started using a Related Posts plugin. Used this Rebuild all Thumbnails to generate all the thumbnails – worked perfectly generating hundreds of thumbs for almost 100 articles.

    You can see it at the bottom of the post… http://japantravelmate.com/nijo-castle-in-kyoto/

  • http://www.themightyant.com Antony

    The best plugins are those that save a lot of time, are simple to use and work seamlessly. This ticks all those boxes. Thank you

  • http://themes.winterbits.com Stefano

    Love it! Indispensable.

  • http://kofi.de.com kofi

    Thank you for this wonderful plugin. It works perfect with my WP 3.3.1 installation :)

  • http://jivenationtoronto.com Nicky

    This plugin hasn’t worked for me. I wanted to rebuild just my featured images and instead it has made them huge and my site is messed up with over large images. I just wanted to resize images as they were getting cropped in my Dynamic Content Gallery and was recommended to use this plugin. Can you help – how do I size my images back? I want to delete the plugin. I am not comfortable with code. Thanks, please help!

    • http://jivenationtoronto.com Nicky

      No matter I have manually reset my thumbnails and images.

      • Krembo99

        Same Problem Here … The resize is not working , just setting a huge image for all .

    • http://www.teigen.be/blogg/ Lars Martin Teigen

      Have you found a soulution to this? Same happend to me?

  • http://badsportsnews.com/ brad

    does not work, i have lost all the images/Thumbnails for my homepage help! plz?

  • Mike

    This solution worked for me when I ran into the 500 Error on rebuilding a large amount of thumbnails:

    Place this at the top of your ajax-thumbnail-rebuild.php file.

    This should work if you are working in a local development environment.

    • Mike

      Nice, I forgot the actual line of code.. here it is:
      ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ’3000M’);


  • 773metric

    I was really excited about this plugin, but can’t get it to work properly. I’m just trying to resize 30 thumbnails from 150×150 to 140×140, and I’ve spent more time trying to figure out what the problem is than I’d have spent resizing them all myself in Photoshop.
    Partway though the resize, sometimes after image 11, sometimes after image 12, the script freezes, no further progress is possible and my browser error log reports ’404 error not found: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’, which is crazy because it’s clearly there. All the files contain legal characters with no spaces. ‘m on WP3.3.2.

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Any hints in the server logs?

      • 773metric

         Nothing in the logs relating to this, no. Oh well, it seems that no-one else is having this problem, so it must be my server set-up. I’ve resized the thumbnails manually now, so no never mind, and thanks for the response anyway.

  • Murtaza

    Hello there,
    I like your plugin very much Exactly work as I want, Can you please help me how i can Set the dimension of my Featured Image of post, I can Find the thumbnail size and other sizes in Settings-> Media. but i Failed to find the Post thumbnail size, my current size is 940 X 198(width X height) I want to change it to 480 X 300. Please help !
    thankx In Advance

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      The size of the featured image is usually set by the theme in functions.php, by calling set_post_thumbnail_size().

      • Murtaza

         Thanks For Reply Breiti, I placed this chunk of code.
        if ( function_exists( ‘add_theme_support’ ) ) {
            add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );
                set_post_thumbnail_size( 150, 150, true ); // default Post Thumbnail dimensions  

        if ( function_exists( ‘add_image_size’ ) ) {
            add_image_size( ‘category-thumb’, 300, 9999 ); //300 pixels wide (and unlimited height)
            add_image_size( ‘homepage-thumb’, 220, 180, true ); //(cropped)
            add_image_size( ‘post-thumbnails’, 777, 777, true );

        But no sucess Infact this function add_image_size( ‘post-thumbnails’, 777, 777, true ); make another copy of image with 777X777 size. And also making another copy of image with 940X198.
        And by default Thumbnail is picking up this size 940X198. I want to use image with 777X777 dimension.I just wanna know that where i can Assign that size to Featured Image.
        Help will be Appreciated!
        Thanks once again

        • http://breiti.cc Breiti

          I guess your theme adds another image size with add_image_size()…

  • ibrahim

    great plugin, many thanks .

  • Enea

    Thank You ! i am testing it

  • Enea

    Hello thanks for the plugin,  but i am using the Forester theme and Images in the slider are confused. One image is othewise from next image. Please help me to fix this problem.

  • Peter

    Eine kurze Frage: “Note: If you’ve changed the dimensions of your
    thumbnails, existing thumbnail images will not be deleted.” (im Plugin)
    Hab aber ein paar Kommentare auf WordPress.org gelesen, die im
    Widerspruch dazu stehen: siehe z.B.

  • rabin

    Nice plugin i always used regenerate thumbnail but today it failed for some reason and i tried this plugin, it was really nice

  • Toto

    can you add an option to ignore existing thumbnail, not to replace edited thumbnail and not to restart from start (I have 15000 thumbs)

  • Simon

    Greate plugin! Thanks for sharing this! It has been very useful!

  • Nils Geylen

    Nice. Last update (June 2012) seems to have fixed an issue I had with the process stalling, hanging at a certain image and freezing. Or maybe it was a temporary fluke. In any case, it did what it needed to do, and did so quickly and effortlessly. Making a donation man.

  • jude

    new, uneven &determined – here to make you smile.
    changed to new theme which requires thembnails for all posts for main page, but thumbnails comes in cropped to 1/3 etc.
    So I found your pug-in and installed it and activated it and I have no idea how to get to the lovely work area shown in your screen shot so i can USE it.

  • jude

    another moment from clueless, determined, and here for your amusement:

    omilackogawd i just ruined ALL of my thumbnails. I was trying to get to that place where i get to CHOOSE which ones. I went to the toolbox and clicked on Rebuild All Thumbnails – the title kind of creeped me out, but the only active thumbnail plugin activated was yours, sooo… And now ALL of my thumbnails come up as horizonal stripes on my front page. But the worst thing is that i had SET and sized every single thumbnail to show the part of the art i chose. Now my gallery, blog and portfolio thumbnails are really awful.i know it’s cause i did something wrong, but this is a horrible set-back for someone making such slow and painful process at this whole “you can manage your own theme!” bidness.

  • Husain Ali

    Nice plugin and I found very useful compare to other plugins in this fields.

  • Dan

    YOU ARE THE MAN! perfect plugin

  • http://www.facebook.com/ventieldopje Maarten de Boer

    Would be nice to be able to only rebuild thumbs from a certain post. Now when I replace one image I have to rebuild the thumbnails from all posts :)

  • kasia

    works awesome. Saved me so much tim

  • Mike

    Hi, I can’t work out how to set my shop_thumbnail size. I have minshop and wcommerce – can you help?

  • http://twitter.com/CEFM Charles Frees-Melvin

    I love this plugin it is really good at rebuilding thumbnails for the constant theme tweaker.

  • Gezowina

    Thank you! Your plugin made my theme work!:o) Awesome work.

  • http://twitter.com/Darice Darice de Cuba

    When I run the script it freezes during the process. I have to rebuild 1412 photos. The memory for PHP has already been increased to 275mb. The plug-in keeps hanging on photo number 400 something or on photo 100 something. There is no pattern on when it hangs.
    Any ideas how I can fix this?

    • Underground Source

      Any solution to this?

  • ale


    First of all, this is such a great plugin, it helps a lot in theme redesigning. I have a quick question though, is there a known way to generate a thumbnail size only for attachments that doesn’t have it yet?

    Thanks in advance!

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      No, I don’t even think it’s possible to get a list of just the thumbnails that need to be rebuilt. If that would be the case, WordPress could as well resize them when needed, which would make this plugin pointless.

      • Pietro

        What about just looking if the file with the expected name exists?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shushens Subhamoy Sengupta

    This is an amazing plugin! I am using it with ThemeForest Retro right now, and it rocks! Awesome awesome awesome!

  • http://studio.quintalinda.com/ Websites Made Easy

    excellent plugin – simple, effective, time-saving – works without needing tweaking… thanks!

  • Underground Source

    I am having a real problem with this plugin. I have used this in the past and had no problems what so ever however it seems the plugin stalls at photo 15 everytime I attempt to resize my 758 images.

    Please help…

    you can email me on paul@banksmedia.co.uk

  • Julian

    Help The plug in stay stuck in one picture why ??? Help help

  • Ebbo

    Thank you so, so, so, so much! Great plugin

  • ReeZh Design

    Need Help!
    When i try to rebuild all thumbnails, the respond is Error500
    What i must suppose to do?

    • Will

      I am having the same problem. No luck, just Error500. Please help!

      • edd

        same problem. error 500 every time

        • entropy

          Do you have access to your webserver logs? Look there after spotting this error.

          • sutunam

            Hi, Before I get a error 500 (no log in Appache) and then… I try and try againg and I get Error0
            I wonder if the problem is not that: I was running the script and then I quit the page :( do you stop the script or it keeps running?

        • h

          same problem. error 500 every time after 3 images. From log file:
          /ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild.php:186″,”() Only variables should be assigned by reference”
          /class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php:477″,”() Declaration of WP_Image_Editor_Imagick::set_quality() should be compatible with that of WP_Image_Editor::set_quality()”

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Anything in the server logs?

  • Vitor Cherulli


  • http://derrekpearson.com Derrek Pearson

    I gave this a go and all worked fine with one exception. I have my thumbnails set to max at 190 pixels tall by whatever width they want. Some of the thumbnails end up generating at 189 pixels, which is causing havoc in my layout — imagine a bunch of images with a float left CSS attribute.

  • http://twitter.com/bartknows bARTosz

    Hi, I run this plugin. No errors. Should this plugin generate additional files? I’m not seeing any. Where should the files be?

    How come my recent posts still references the original large file? It is not hard coded, but uses this to render thumbnail img tag…

    the_post_thumbnail(‘small-square’, array(‘class’ => ‘wpp-thumbnail wp-post-image’));

    What could be going awry here?

  • Irene

    Hello. I believe I have installed your plugin correctly but it doesn’t seem to be working the way I’d expect. I want to rebuild only fb thumbnails, but when I tick only this option, I don’t find a button that rebuilds only the clicked choices, just the “rebuild all thumbnails”. And when I do ‘rebuild all thumbnails’ it seems that the problem i have [not displaying fb thumbnails on shares and posts] still remains unsolved.

  • Oliver Lippert

    Hey there,

    thanks for this Plugin. I’am technical Administrator of an great german christian missionary blog and since we have the new theme (arround over an year) I’am scared about how slow the Theme is running.

    Today I started to remove the 10 – 20 “thum.php?src=FULLIMAGE&w=150&h=150″ Requests per Page and replace them with an custom added Image size.

    I was wondering, this Speeds up the Site from about 15 Seconds per click down to arround 4 seconds per click.

    Now all Images was scaled wrong. I did know your Plugin since a Month but just in Projects under developement, so I just had to corp 10 or 20 Images for one new Image size.

    So today I startet in the developement-instance of our blog to run your Plugin: 235 Images for two new Image-Sizes: IT RUNS PERFECT :)

    Thanks a lot, I think on productiv instance that would be arround 500 Images for all Image sizes (arround 6 sizes) that will take some time, but I’m sure it will also work fine :)

  • Irene

    But how can I rebuild just one thumbnail/photo? I give you a screenshot, there isn’t seem to be an option for editing just one thumbnail, there’s only a button “rebuild all thumbnails”. I’m comfused.
    Also, you say “Note that you still have to wait until all thumbnails have been rebuilt.” this means that nothing will have changed if I don’t wait for all of them to finish?

  • TeeDev

    Great plugin, and more effective than Regenerate Thumbnails which I have always used.

    Just a suggestion. Do you think it might be useful to start the process from the most recent posts instead of the oldest? We have over 4,000 posts and even with the only featured images option selected its going to take a long time. However, in most cases when we’re need this it’s because we’re applying a new theme and generally we want to quickly resize the thumbs on the homepage first so we can get the right fit. The rest can take as long as they like.

    Either that or add the option to select date ascending or descending.

    What do you think?

  • Alex Howell

    Great plugin. 5*

  • http://www.pattonwebz.com/ William Patton

    Dude, just wanted to come along and say thanks. I’ve got A LOT of images to regenerate and even on my dedicated server was running into memory and execution time limits was needing to do the larger pictures in small batches but now I use this. It does them all 1 at a time, it takes slightly longer for the process but it save me masses of time from having to start/stop and create batches with other scripts!

  • i00i

    Are there any updates on why the plugin works on my localhost BUT is still stuck on Reading Attachments on my actual server?

    It’s amazing how so many people are having this problem yet the developer doesn’t answer…

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Any hints in the server logs?

    • celui

      I actually have the opposite problem. Less annoying, but stil…

  • Alexander Fadeev
    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Great, thanks! I’ll include this in the next release.

  • nadiel789

    hey when i use this plugin it just freezes. I have about 80 pics it stops sometimes at 8 other at 12. please help?

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Any hints in the server logs?

  • Shak Holliday

    I don’t know what the problem is! Yikes.
    When I try to rebuild the thumbnails, I don’t get the error, the rebuild just stops at a random number and seems to freeze. I expanded the memory after thinking it was Error 500, but still no luck..ANy thoughts on why my thumbnail regeneration keeps stopping randomly? I have 227 images which need to be regenerated, however the furthest I’ve been able to generate is up to number 38.. Please help, many thanks

  • nadiel789

    Hi, im having issues with this plugin i only have 60 images right now and every time i click the rebuild button it works till about 8 and just stops ? any suggestions?

  • http://twitter.com/hleemans Hans Leemans

    when i run the plugin, it runs for ever without error. Can i check what went wrong/

    • http://seekeraftertruth.com Faisal Humayun

      it’s most likely hung.

  • jindalprince1

    When I run this plugin to rebuild the thumbnails, it converts the images in different dimensions like 306×171, 306, 160, etc. and so it looks awkward to show it on the homepage. How to diagnose this problem?

  • DaVinciKittie

    This plugin is working great until I get to #533 of 1648. On that particular image, it appears to stick and not progress any further. I’ve tried it twice now, keeping the screen and tab active, and the result is the same. It looks like the image before it is broken. Can you help me troubleshoot this? If so, what info can I provide to assist?

    Here’s a screenshot for reference…. http://screencast.com/t/imYnrCmjg

    • http://twitter.com/zoovestnik ЗооВестник

      Just got exactly the same problem. Appeared that this particular image was way too large for my server and or script to process it. So I just deleted the problematic image – and eventually it got through :)

    • http://sweet.ge/ Mariam Sweet

      I have the same problem. Rebuilding 51 of 961
      and than it stops.

  • Someone

    Epic plugin thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/Espo_74 Espo

    Fast, Easy, PERFECT! Thank you so very, very much. can’t even begin to tell you how much headache this saved. Donation is on the way!

  • http://twitter.com/moaty Thomas Moat

    Works well. Many thanks

  • Elender

    hi. i’d like a plugin to do the following: whenever i publish a new post, a thumbnail is automatically generated, either from images from post or from google search results, with post file name. if there are posts with no thumbnails, it would assing a new one. it is possible?

  • Jason Sobell

    Sizing images cropped to anything other than 50×50 doesn’t seem to work.

    Uncropped images work fine.

    Has anyone experienced this?

  • Mardi

    I’m sorry to be so dense. I downloaded the plugin, but can’t figure out how open it up to do the work. I need some instructions please. Thanks

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      You should see a “Rebuild thumbnails” item in your “Tools” menu

  • Plugin Lover

    Nothing like it… Simply the best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmy.lingg Jimmy Lingg

    my website uses hundreds of thumbnails organize in tables. when i regenerated the thumbnails, i expected the process to replace all the old thumbnails with the new one at a difference size. is that not what happens? do they need to be identical in size to automatically update the existing ones?

  • Jorge O

    Nice! This plugin is very useful and staightforward. Good job!

    Suggestion: Option to only rebuild featured images is interesting but I’m not sure I understand what it does, it could use an explanation.

    Question: could I use this plugin (with the aforementioned option) to RESIZE all of my featured images? Because that would be awesome.

  • Chris W

    I am getting the following error. How do I resolve? Thanks

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Are you sure that’s really the original source? The URL looks a little bit strange to me…


    Great Plugin.

  • Alfred Fernandes

    this is my first ever message anywhere on wordpress.
    I was facing a daunting task of rebuilding all my thumbnails. I actually could not believe that your plugin could do it in a jiffy for me.

    Of the hundreds of plugins that I have used, this has been the simplest and most useful. Jackpot!
    Thanks to you.
    God Bless

  • Chris

    I think it would be nice to be able to gracefully cancel a rebuild. Also would be nice to select a range of images to rebuild if I want to do parts on different days. Great plugin. Just giving some improvement ideas. Thank You.

  • Eric Tousignant

    The plugin doesn’t seem to work for me if i uncheck the “Only rebuild featured image”. I get this message “No attachments found.”. I i check it, it works but only for the featured images. All my images are attached to active posts. Thanks.

  • Tester

    How about photo quality?

  • KamikaZEN

    Hi, I’ve been using your plugin across several client sites and it’s always worked like a charm, but on one particular site I seem to have stumbled upon a strange problem.

    The plugin was in fact working as usual until last week when we tried to generate some new image sizes and found out it either hangs forever or shows a message stating no attachments have been found.

    ¿Any idea what might be causing this or how to fix it?

  • dano

    tried on multiple occasions to use this, but it gets stuck and never starts again.

  • http://www.mcdonnas.com/ Donna McMaster

    Thanks so much for this plugin. It has always worked great for me and is a real life-saver when restyling a theme.

  • http://www.vajaah.com/ vajaah

    This plugin is rock solid. I always install it during development and almost always end up needing it. It keeps working.

  • Benny Vasquez

    Extremely useful, does exactly what it says it will in a super simple way. Perfection in a plugin.

  • CoreBloggers

    Copying from an older comment:
    Great plugin, and more effective than Regenerate Thumbnails which I have always used.

    Just a suggestion. Do you think it might be useful to start the
    process from the most recent posts instead of the oldest? We have over
    4,000 posts and even with the only featured images option selected its
    going to take a long time. However, in most cases when we’re need this
    it’s because we’re applying a new theme and generally we want to quickly
    resize the thumbs on the homepage first so we can get the right fit.
    The rest can take as long as they like.

    Either that or add the option to select date ascending or descending.

    What do you think?

    P.S. Thanks for the great plugin though.

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      I need to check if this is possible, but it sounds useful. Can you create new issue on GitHub for this? (https://github.com/breiti/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/issues/new)

      • Will

        Hey @breiti01:disqus —might want to check your github link in that comment. I just 404′d but it looks like the closing paranthesis got attached to the url. Anyway… not a huge deal, but if you care about SEO more than slightly than every valid link counts! :D Oh, and by the way, your plugin is one of my standard sets for every site build I do. :D

  • Dave

    I’ved use Thumbnails Regeneration plugin before until I moved on to creating online shops and my wordpress installations got overwhelmed with product pictures that Thumbnails Regneration couldn’t handle it any more and gives me hanging issues and freezing problem.

    This simple Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild does what it says, regnerating the thumbnails 1 by 1 and haven’t give me the problem, yet. I think this is by far the best thumbnail regen plugin I haven’t use. I say BY FAR because I haven’t encounter any problems yet…. *cross fingers* I hope the support is cool though.

    PS: PNG/JPG regenerated images seems to suffer a bit of lost of quality, any others encountering same problem?

  • Sam

    THANK YOU!!!!! I was on the verge of desperation after fiddling with add_image_size.

  • Alan Colyer

    Hi Breiti,
    this is a fantastic plugin and immensely useful to me, I use it alot. Thanks for the code!

    I did have an idea for a future feature though, my apologies if it has been suggested before.
    Do you think you’d be able to add an option to delete thumbnails that are the wrong dimensions, i.e any thumbnail copies that were made from an image size that you’ve since changed.

    This would be the icing on the cake as it would allow you to keep the number of files and used diskspace down – otherwise you end up with a lot of scaled copies that you don’t need.

    What do you think?

    • thalestris

      Second that! I have so many images now in all different sizes that I don’t use anywhere, would be grand if there was an option to delete those images

  • Travis

    This is a great plug-in and has come in handy a number of times, but a feature that I would recommend for you, which I slightly modified in your plug-in on my site, is the ability to designate either a post ID range or date range of which images to process. This has come in handy for me when I’ve had to move things and resize just a month’s worth of images.

    If need more details on the proposed option you can reach me at http://foodfrenzydigest.com

    Thanks again for a fantastic plug-in.

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Can you create an issue on the Github project page, or – even better – a pull request?

  • Gurjyot Singh

    I have used the plugin and by reading the description, this plugin seems really cool. But when I used it to regenerate all the pics then this plugin stops after regenerating 150 or 111 pics. What can be the problem in this. My website is http://www.yogadz.com/

  • http://www.makanmana.net/ leo

    If the plugin stalls out when rebuilding a large quantity of thumbnails,
    Go into the plugin editor
    find the phrase “var curr = 0;”
    replace 0 with the number you stalled out on
    save the page, and reload the AJAX rebuiild page
    Repeat as necessary

    • http://www.outofchicago.com/ Chris Smith

      This worked for me. Basically it starts the process back up after the offending file.

    • evelyn

      Lifesaver, thank you!

  • mark

    “No attachments found.” error? When I try to rebuild I get that error always

  • Nabha

    This is great, I really appreciate the options you included, which speed things up considerably. Thank you!

  • andykillen

    excellent plugin, been using it for a few years and it has never failed me yet. many thanks for your efforts.

  • argdev

    Thanks! Awesome plugin!

  • Frank

    great work and thanks! would love to have you featured on SiteRockers.com

  • Kirill

    the last update for this plugin doesnt let me access media files when editing Posts!! pls FIX!

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Please update to the latest version

  • zevlesiukas

    Thanks a lot for the plug in. Very nice.
    I update your plugin from v 1.08 to 1.10 and could not update or edit images in the posts. Just white screen and no images could be seen. Please check this issue. Uninstalled and installed older version (1.08) and everything back again O.K.

    Anyway thanks a lot

    Kind regards

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Everything should now be back to normal…

  • https://www.facebook.com/michieymt Michie Yamamoto


    I’ve translated your Plugin ‘AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild’ in Japanese.
    I’d like to send you files, but I can’t find your email-address.
    Could you give me any informations how i can do?

    Thank you!
    Michie Yamamoto

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Any chance you could create a Pull Request on GitHub?

      • https://www.facebook.com/michieymt Michie Yamamoto

        All right, I will try it. Actually I’m a beginner at GitHub… I need your GitHub repository URL?

  • http://www.twistedmirrorscomic.com Nareth Guren

    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it (I looked, but there’s a LOT of comments!) but I have a Comicpress blog on WordPress that I use this plugin for. It’s worked fine for the most part, but after I updated it today, the “featured image” button no longer worked. It’d give me an error if I attempted to upload and image and none of the media thumbnails would appear. Deactivating the plugin fixed the problem, but I’d rather not lose it. I just wanted to let someone know of the problem and let others who might run into the problem know where it comes from. Thanks!

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      This should be fixed in v1.11


    PROBLEM in the actual WordPress version… if AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild is active.. its not possible to see uploadet images in the media gallery while make a new entry …

    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Should be fixed in v1.11

  • Markus Bäck

    there is a bug in your plugin
    [27-Mar-2014 10:51:04 UTC] PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for AjaxThumbnailRebuild::addRebuildSingle() in /xxxxx/wp-content/plugins/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild.php on line 45


    • http://breiti.cc Breiti

      Fixed in v1.11

  • m.

    Hello, I tried the tool to rebuild images on my site
    michaellilin.com (there has been changes, I passed from WP.com to .org that changed the appearance of images)
    I would like all pictures to be big, but rebuilding after setting all (thumbnails, medium & big) to 1024×1024 didn’t change. Is there something I missed ?

  • ronenbekerman

    Was the latest updated tested with WP 3.9 by now? is it safe to install and run?

  • Carlijn Bröring

    I have a feeling that this plugin is messing with my site (I can’t adjust any slugs anymore), i’m trying to deactivate it and even that doesn’t work! Any suggestions? (http://www.foodless.nl/)



  • dexter

    i can’t delete or deactivate the plug-in and it is causing some issues with my theme. it has been updated to the latest version 1.12 please help! thx.

  • evelyn

    Keeps getting stuck!! Don’t see any solutions for this in the comment threads, although it seems like a common problem.

  • http://www.mediakraze.me/ Kristi Luv


  • Zxen

    I don’t understand what’s happening with this plugin. My internet gets disconnected or I leave the page and the program seems to crash. Isn’t this happening on my server? The program has no idea of where its up to if the page is left. There are no reports of when anything was completed. Some images will not resize at all. Seems very faulty.

  • http://www.godspack.com/ Sarah Sawyer

    Been having an issue since the WordPress update. The rebuild gets to image #44 and just stalls there, no matter which images it’s trying to rebuild or how many, it stalls on #44. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • www.tin24h.org

    vãi đái thật đấy : http://tin24h.org – best plugin thumbnail pro !!!

  • Svobi

    Thank you very much for this small but excellent tool !

  • lippoliv

    THANKS a lot for this really nice Plugin. I used it over months (and I think now I can say if used it over years!? dont know o.O)
    It worked perfect with small, middle and big Projects.
    This days a new Theme for an existing Project will be released, your Plugin has to resize 1.200 Pictures into 5 or 10 new Image sizes, I am optimistic that it will work fast and without any Problems.
    Thanks for investigate your time into this Plugin :)